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Passenger Vehicle Traction & Chain Laws


If weather conditions require, CDOT can implement Passenger Vehicle Traction and Chain Laws. Motorists will be alerted to an active Traction or Chain Law by highway signage, COtrip.org or GovDelivery notifications — to sign up for GovDelivery emails and/or text notifications, click here .

Traction Law (Code 15)
During an active Traction Law, also known as a Code 15, motorists will need to have either snow tires, tires with the mud/snow (M/S) designation, or a four-wheel drive vehicle — all tires must have a minimum one-eighth inch tread.ind out if your tires meet the minimum one-eighth inch tread requirement by taking the 
Quarter Test.

Passenger Vehicle Chain Law (Code 16)
During severe winter storms, CDOT will implement a Passenger Vehicle Chain Law, also known as a Code 16 — this is the final safety measure before the highway is closed. During a Passenger Vehicle Chain Law, every vehicle on the roadway is required to have chains or an alternative traction device

(like AutoSock).

Motorists driving with inadequate equipment during a Passenger Vehicle Traction or Chain Law could be fined more than $130.

If a motorist blocks the roadway because they have inadequate equipment during a Passenger Vehicle Traction or Chain Law, they could be fined more than $650.






 As of Janurary 1, 2014,  Colorado legalized the purchase of Recreational Marijuanna.  This endeavor has opened opportunity and created new challenges.  We support the progressive agenda to an economic recovery for our state.  With that said, 420 usage in our vehicle is prohibited and operating a vehicle while under the influence is violation of Colorado state law.  Therefore we insist that your patronage be responsible and considerate to everyone else in the vehicle and/or on the roadway.  




Children #40 and 4yrs or less must ride in a Car Seat.


You can make a Right Turn on Red, unless posted otherwise.


In some jurisdictions U-Turns are legal, unless otherwise posted.


Fines double in Construction Zones and School Zones, just do the speed limit.


  State Highway Patrol, conducts random vehicle searches. Also Neighboring states are known to be suspicious of vehicles with COLORADO plates and have targetted them for these searches. I have no legal opinon for you to participate, but refer you to the youtube videos regarding "consent to search" very helpful.

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If you see a crosswalk with wide white stripes, you must stop, for pedestrians(mountain towns expecially) .


HIghway Department Crews use a Magnesium Chloride mixture on the roadway surfaces, this is the white residue seen on vehicles after a storm. In the event several storms accumulate right behind each other, you'll want a dirt barrier too absorb the residue.  Therefore we protect our vehicle's finish with an applicatin of wax compounds to control this cancer activity.



   Get the  CDOT App - Colorado Department of Transportation - download.cnet.com/CDOT...The...App/3000-20428_4-75755515.htm...

 Don't be and Don't follow the Idiots.


  1. Consider the Big Truck room to            operate,  it's the best move!!!

  2. Operate and drive for the vehicle          ahead of you.

  3. Leave early so you don't rush.  

  4. Observe the road, and move over           for   emergency vehicles 

  5. Read and heed all road warnings.

  6. Avoid Tailgating and Anticipate the       worst.

  7. Depend on your skill level.

  8. Observe the wildlife and anticipate       their crossings 


Inclement weather!

Weather in Colorado is not to be taken lightly, so don't mess with it. On any given day, you can ascend a hill with blue sky and crest into a blizzard, so Heed all warnings, and check conditions frequently. Warnings may effect the operations of vehicles travelling around you. "High Wind, Icy, snow, rain, grade and debris are constant factors.



Okay, some trucks will go slower (a fact of life), Its okay to be courteous and let trucks manuever in and out traffic too KEEP TRAFFIC FLOWING.  Being a hazard is a dumb thing, and if your lucky you'll only get a ticket.  As the Big Rigs descend grades, they need to keep their brakes cool.  So they're likely to BRAKE Lightly and then roll, so anticipate them speeding up.  Stay away from them, if a RUNAWAY occurs move left, so they can safely enter the RUNAWAY RAMPS.


Construction zones are a part of life, stay alert, don't speed, as fines are double.


If you can move over for stopped emergency vehicle(s), breakdowns and road crews.


WATCH FOR WILDLIFE * In Colorado's wildlife show is as spectacular as anywhere in the world. You can catch once in a lifetime glimpse of a herds of Bighorn Sheep, Elk, Buffalo, Deer, Gazelle, Beaver, soaring Eagle, Turkey, Owls, Hawks and crawlling  Snakes, Skunks and a variety of unique domesticated animals.


Without any warning animals can dart/cross into the road.  Don't Panic, manintain control at all times.  Sometimes its best to hit the animal, as swerving too quickly to avoid an animal can cause severe harm to people and property. 


Your vehicle is not safer than the other driver(s) around you!


Just a Smile and a Wave, ease the tension and avert a Road Rage confrontation.  An unselfish act alone, could make somebody's day better, and somebody will make yours great too.  Don't let another Driver take control of your emotions.  


Its not how fast you can stop!, rather how much control you have while driving


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