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  "Captain your own Voyage" 720-708-8644  

We make every effort in always providing our customers with the best value and quality services.

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  • Loved the van. Randy is an awesome guy who is super helpful as well. All went well with no problems. Will definitely use again. Great experience.
    Maxwell F. – March 15, 2018
  • Randy was awesome. He was very flexible which made the pick up and drop off a breeze.
    James B. – February 28, 2018
  • Great Van. Everything was functional and safe. Even through snowy mountains.
    Forrest D. – February 28, 2018
  • Randy was great to us during our trip! He was flexible with our airport pickups and was very informative. The Hulk treated us well! I will definitely be renting from Randy next time I’m in Denver.
    Travis S. – February 26, 2018
  • Randy was very communicative and helpful. He went out of his way to meet us at the airport so we wouldn’t have to drop it off, this saved us a lot of time and hassle. Would definitely recommend. Nice guy
    Jeremiah R. – January 5, 2018

 Pleasantly surprised. Our family of six rented THE HULK for our once-in-a-lifetime trip "out west" which spanned 2 1/2 weeks, 6 states and 8 National Parks!! The vehicle was clean, comfortable, very dependable and gave us surprisingly good fuel economy, even in the mountains. Randy was excellent to work with, always returned calls and messages and was very responsive to all of my questions. The pickup and drop-off of the vehicle was quick and convenient! We were completely satisfied with the rental of this vehicle and were pleased that we chose THE HULK to take with us on our very memorable vacation.   Ken S.  Aug 22, 2013.

Martha Dean





We are a small and growing business kicking at the shins of the Auto Rental giants. We promise to do our best to accomodate your needs, keep current customers and acquire new relationships.  With that said, we own all or our vehicles, so our rates are 40%-60% cheaper.


Consumers rent, eye catching transportation that provides an overall need. The money saved can be spent elsewhere. Each van has a premium warranty, professionally maintained and free amenities not offerd by the competition. Each van can be valet parked at any 5 star restarurant or hotel.  



Most of our business comes from referrals and media outlets. We strive for the consumer that has time to be mature, reliable and considerate.  Our business is new, our model is unique and our customers are our best asset.  We strive to treat you better than you expect. 


My family and I enjoy the free indulgence that affords us pleasure and comfort owning a small business. A few years ago, while on family vacation to Estes Park, Co.  So just for style points, I thought I'd rent a big pretty SUV for the trip. (insecure about our 1994 van). The day of the trip I went to go pickup the SUV, and got body checked with the bill, more than $950.00 on a 4 day rental.  At that price I found security in my 1994 (No shame in my game) now I had to convince my wife though.  I packed 6 passengers, luggage, groceries and my grill. I spent $200+ for an engine & radiator flush, oil change and tune-up. So in case of a breakdown, $700 would tow/repair or at least get me another vehicle. The 94(aka "Macc") came through and now with deep pockets, this extra money allowed us to have a fantastic family vacation and the best time of our lives.  Like a celeb - *I even rented the bumper cars for an hour*.


This got me to thinking, (my anology) that surely other like minded people, whom are frugal enough can drop 5 pennies, versus digging for a shiny nickle to buy a 5cent piece of gum.  After all, it's not the money but the fun of the gum.  And to have more money to spend on other goodies instead.


When I returned from vacation, unexpectedly my job ended.  So I cashed in my 401K and purchased our first van.  Before I knew it, the business had legs.  We seem to attract responsible, considerate and mature customers, and now have repeat customers.  


I know once you ride in one of these timeless machines, you'll never cram your family into a compact car or mini-van to take a road trip. You owe yourself the experience of a Hi-Top Conversion Van.  Contact us for more information and a quote.

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