Putting it all together and making it work for the customer.
Putting it all together and making it work for the customer.
"Captain your own Voyage" 720-708-8644
  "Captain your own Voyage" 720-708-8644  



  1. Complete the Vantastic Voyages "Set your Voyage" page
  2. Select a vehicle (based on availability)
  3. Provide a valid drivers license and address verification
  4. Furnish Insurance documentation
  5. Make your Deposit, all transactions via VENMO or Zelle 

We offer the following Discounts to USAA, AAA, CDL, Veterans S/L-E Members (former/present) verification required

All rental have mileage caps, save money by purchasing additional miles in advance Extra miles can be purchased starting at .20 cents p/mi


Reservations Excepted    


Additional Fees

  • Deposit Required
  • Unapproved excessive mileage is deducted from your deposit at the rate of .85 per mile
  • Cleaning Fee $45.00 
  • There is a $35.00 p/hr late return fee. (absent advance notification)
  • If pets/marijuana are detected your entire deposit will be forfeited.  

*All operators must have valid license and be 25yrs or older(no exceptions)

*Pick-up and Delivery available. (additional charges for out of area)

*Pay Now Discounts available.  

*7 day Cancellation Notice Required to receive a refund


Terms & Conditions

Primary Driver must be present in order to exchange keys.

Must use 87 Octane or higher at all times, (you must save/provide reciepts)


  • No additional charge for additional drivers.(25yrs+)
  • $125 Deposit (is applied to rental fee)  Will be returned within 5 business days for a clean rental return. A clean whereas, fuel, interior, exterior, environment and mechanical all returned within the same condition.
  • Due to unforseen circumstances such as repairs and late returns. We cannot 100% guarantee your request and choice on any one vehicle. When we can, we will do our best to accomodate your request. Be assured each van is a top of the line unit. Featuring the same basic amenities, only setup, color and interior will vary. Rental fees are due at pick up.




We are a small and growing business kicking at the shins of the Auto Rental giants. We promise to do our best to accomodate your needs, keep current customers and acquire new relationships.  With that said, we own all of our vehicles, so our rates are 40%-60% cheaper.


Consumers rent, eye catching transportation that provides an overall need. The money saved can be spent elsewhere. Each van has a premium warranty, professionally maintained and services not offerd by the competition.  Each van can be valet parked at any 5 star restarurant or hotel.  


Most of our business comes from referrals and media outlets. We strive for the consumer that has time to be mature, reliable and considerate.  Our business is new, our model is unique and our customers are our best asset.  We'll treat you better than you expect. 


My family and I enjoy the free indulgence that affords us pleasure and comfort owning a small business.  I got this ideal a few years ago, during our family vacation to Estes Park, Co.  


Feeling insecure about our 1994 Hi-Top Conversion.  So, for style points, I'll rent a big pretty SUV for the trip.  So I made a reservation and paid for the cabin all a month in advance, things were set.  I went to go pickup the SUV, and got DECLEATED with the $1350.00 on a 4 day rental.


Well I found security in my 1994 (No shame in my game) with all that room, I packed 6 passengers, an xbox, luggage, groceries and my grill.  Then spent $200 on a premium oil change and tune-up,  in case of a breakdown.  And we were RoadTrippin>.  


So with my new found wealth of $1150,  I could tow/repair or replace the van if needed.  My trusty steed made the trip and our increased budget,  we had the time of our lives, and did everything we wanted.


This got me to thinking, that resourceful like minded financially secure people.  Are smart not to blow money on brand new,  but would rather get all the basics, and spend money having fun instead.


So I cashed in my 401K and purchased our first van and before I knew it, the business had legs.  Thanks to our responsible, considerate customers we are adding more vans this year.  


Once you ride in one of these timeless machines, you'll never cram your family into a compact or mini-van again.  You owe yourself the experience of a Hi-Top Conversion Van.  Contact us for more information and a quote.

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